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This is the first ever photo taken of my husband and I. We had been dating for a few weeks and decided to go hiking. I remember sitting there with him, taking in the beautiful view, feeling so hopeful and excited for the future. I knew our journey together was just beginning.

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Love at First Light Gallery

Shad and I on our first vacation together as a couple! We knew early on that we were meant for each other. Celebrating 12 years of marital bliss this December!

My husband and me on our first date :)

This was the first picture of my significant other and I. We had met the night before and instantly fell for each other and we have been inseparable since then.

Our first photo together! We had just gotten pedicures done together. I never had a relationship where the guy felt comfortable to do things like this with me because of their pride. It made me so happy I met someone so willing to do something like that with me.

This photo was taken 13 years ago. We don't have a lot of pictures of us when we first started dating. Me and Chad met during a time when neither of us were looking for a relationship, but somehow we found each other. I3 years and 2 kids later we are more in love now that ever!

This picture is from my second date with my husband! He took me to the Biltmore in Asheville. This picture is special because we shared our first kiss that day! I am so lucky to be fall more in love with this man every day!

This was taken at the fair when me and my middle and high school sweetheart reconnected and now we have an almost 3 year old son. We have been off and mostly on for going on 24 years now❤ We have our ups and downs but in the end we have each other forever❤❤❤

My husband and me when we had just started dating in college 11 years ago

Nothing more romantic then Niagara Falls with your college beau after reuniting after 30 years apart from each other and rekindling the relationship.

Wolf Creek Winery,The night we met, July 8, 2017.

Holding my last baby for the first time after an extremely difficult pregnancy. He was worth everything. Now our family is finally complete.

The first picture my wife and I ever took together!

This was the very first picture taken of my girlfriend and I. We were out with some friends doing photography in San Francisco. Later on that night, we started dating.

This is how we met and perfectly set the stage for our whole goofy, fun-loving, wonderful relationship. A love of all things Japanese, comic book-related, video games, animals, and each other fuels our daily lives together. And it all started with a picture with a stranger.

I'm a terrible selfie-taker, but I just had to take one the minute my new granddaughter came home!

First date jitters...

This is my wife and I’s first photo 6 years ago when we started dating. We met years ago and barely kept in touch but one Spring Break, we finally saw each other again. The moment our eyes met, we both knew we’d found the one and it was love at 1st sight. We married a year later.

Me and my love. I would be lost without her; she is my rock, my support, my queen, and my North Star. She is my first light.

The first picture I took with my son after he was born. Caisyn James is what we chose to name him.

One of our first dates, we went to eat dinner with friends! We were drawn to each other from the start.

When we officially became a family of three!

This photo was taken 10 years ago. We weren’t dating yet, we were just best friends. We met at work and we got so close that rumors that we were dating started to surface so we decided that we would entertain them and pretend to date but I was already in love with him by then.

Here is a picture of my husband and I at a party when we were 18 and dating. The second picture is of us 20 years later. Time flies.

Just the light of my life Troy and I. Nothing is better than a person who can put a smile on your face without even trying.

Nothing prettier than the beautiful mountains enjoying the view with my babe. What a gorgeous time we had making memories that we will treasure for a very long time to come. It was amazing. Fun times for sure.

Since the day I met my future step son it has been clear that we were meant to be a family, he is so kind and sweet( just like his father) and tries to teach me everything he knows about video games. I even got a Mother’s Day card this year!! (definitely cried a lot)

Our first formal together.

This was the first photo of my wife and I ever taken. I had just started working with her and we took a staff photo, and I had to resist the urge to hug her. I never resist that urge now, 16 years later.

This is Us in our first picture together. We had liked each other secretly for months before being honest but we were always perfect for each other. We still are.

The day that we fell in love and wanted the whole world to know we were unstoppable together forever and always xoxo!

I have been with my true love for 8 years now. We're not married nor have any kids. We simply enjoy each others company daily.

First photo of my husband and I together. Sharing our love of "playing in the mud". We had known each other for 7 years, but lost touch, then found our way back to each other and started dating. It was the beginning of our love of the outdoors and each other.

This was the first time I saw my 2nd daughter after she was born via c section. She was so tiny but her lungs were full of screams! She’s a very healthy baby and this pregnancy went amazing. She is also my rainbow baby (baby born after infant death, still born, or miscarriage).

My husband meeting our first at first sight for sure ❤

We brought our son home on this day. I was told I would never have a baby and low and behold on my 39th birthday I gave birth to the greatest love I’ve ever known. My life is amazing with him in it. He is a blessing for me and his Dad.

The first time Me and My husband held our baby boy wyatt.

It was 13 years of waiting, but here is Baby Jace.

Love of my life!

Almost 3 years ago! The most magical day with my best friend we had only been dating a couple of weeks ♡ so many of my smiles begin with you!

This was the first time holding my youngest son. We were told from the beginning he would not survive the pregnancy. I endured months of complications and was on complete bed rest throughout my pregnancy. This photo is so full of love! My little fighter is 12 years old now!

First photo (2003) with my husband to be and our sweet boys Buddy and Scooby. Bittersweet without the boys now.

A pic of me and the love of my life acting silly. This year make six years for us and we're still going strong. #LoveAtFirstLight

#LoveAtFirstLight This is a throwback picture of the first picture Andrew and I took together. Cheesing so hard for our picture and loving our love story as it unfolds in bigger and grander ways each and everyday! My love for this man builds and grows upon each moment!

Our first date at the zoo. Couldn’t be happier engaged two years later!

This is the first picture that was taken of us - 30 years ago. I remember this day very well because we had only been dating for a few weeks. At this point in our relationship, I already knew that this is the person I wanted to share my life with. We are in love still!

I was not looking for a guy. But this guy started talking to me around a friend's campfire and we had some much in common and so many things we still wanted to do. Now we do them together!!

Our first trip together

Our first night in ziggy's new home

This is the moment my oldest son met my youngest son, and his baby brother. Melts my heart.

Andrew and I’s first photo together! Still to this day we go to that spot on the river multiple times a summer ❤️

My husband and I started chatting while he was deployed in Afghanistan. We decided to take a trip to Puerto Rico when he got back and were in agreement that even if we didnt hit it off we would still have a fun trip. Needless to say we hit it off and were married a year later.

Me and My BFF...We both have found our respective BETTER HALVES .. but v are each other's BEST HALF ...Shall remain the same till eternity ... Some relationships are beyond infinity .. Glad and lucky to have a bestie like her ..Love you babe

Our first ever photo together. Now married 6 years and our second baby on the way 😊

Our first pic together . It was always you.

In 2012 I met the love of my life in our high school gym class. Before then, neither of us knew the other existed. This was our first picture taken together at prom after dating for only 2 months. Now, 7 years later, we are looking to recreate this picture on our wedding day!

Me and my best friend

First picture of my granddaughter and I since she is a Loras college graduate. Going to AZ to be a teacher. Such a proud grandma!💖

He 'lit' up my world that night :) plug and socket Halloween Costume that I made for us right after we started seeing each other.

This is a photo of my husband and I before we celebrated our first Christmas living together and a few months later we got married. Last year we added our first baby into our family

My best friend 💞

My son and his girlfriend and their son

Christmas party with this handsome man

Meeting Annabel for the first time!

Monteagle, Tennessee

This was our third date and was taken by someone who has since become one of our dearest friends! We were at an outdoor music program.

Found true love with my boyfriend. We've both been married twice so our motto is "3rd times a charm!"

My husband and I!

How Sweet the Adventure, From Start to End Forever Together My Love and Best Friend

My wife and I on our first beach together. This was taken a few months into our relationship. The moment I knew we were going to be in love forever. #loveatfirstlight

Love at first sight

One of the first pictures we took together. We went on a hike, got the campfire going, you took a ringpop and said: “one day, I’ll ask you to marry me the proper way, but for now....” and placed it on my finger

No words!

My honey and I on our first hike together 5 years ago. Hanging Lakes in Glenwood Canyon, Glenwood Springs, CO. Just a reminder that life isn't always easy. But together, we'll always make it through!

This photo if me and my husband, the first time I got to visit his home town and meet his family. This was the day I knew I would marry him, that my love for him was deeper than I ever experienced. Four years later, our love is eternal and has no bounds.

The first time my dad held our son, sick with cancer but thrilled to be a grandpa :)

To turn to my soon to be fiancé and smile genuinely, is something I hope everyone finds. To find another layer of happiness aside from your own, is like finding your true home. And I can’t wait to continue our journey.

Our love for each other and our love of travel go hand in hand

Aquarium trip!

We have been together since 8th grade in Middle School to now at 22 years old!

You opened your heart and let me in...and I’ve been yours ever since.

The first picture and both our first time at Warped Tour. Best friend turned boyfriend. Should’ve known he was the one when he manned 110+ degree Arizona heat to make me happy. Going on 6 years 😍🖤🥰

The first photo I took with my husband I remember we were some big time love birds we fell right into each other arms everything I had always looked for.

Met my husband on a video game, moved across the country to be with him, and married him. He’s not one for photos mainly because life is so busy for us. But here’s one of the first photos I took of us that we were both looking at the camera.

This is me with the love of my life. Every moment with her is precious to me, and she makes hours go by like seconds. Every moment away from her is a lifetime. This is our first picture, my favorite ons together.

This is our very first picture of my fiance and I. It was on Christmas Day December 25th, of 2017. We had been together for literally 25 days and we decided to go to the happiest place on earth...Disneyland on a Christmas Day. She was the best present ever. Engaged to be married.

This was our first photo that we took at church. We were so busy being best friends that we weren’t even worried about having a title of being bf/gf. It got to be point that people started taking it upon themselves to introduce us as a couple lol! All we knew was love was present

This photo is from our first date: December 5th 2017. We had just gone to dinner and went for a walk through Christmas in the park, downtown San Jose where we had our first kiss. We both didn't want the night to end so we went to the closest bar for drinks when she took this pic.

This is the first photo my now, Husband, and I, ever had taken. It was taken at the Pride Festival in St. Louis in 2014. We had been secretly dating for about 3 weeks. It was definitely #LoveAtFirstSight for us. ♥️

This is the first picture taken of me and the love of my life. Just by looking at my smile, you can see how much light she brings to my life. I hope I can one day return that by giving her a ring that shines at even a fraction of her brilliance.

Our first picture. We had been casually dating for a couple months and were going out to dinner with my family for my birthday. This turned into a "wait, you're how old?" moment. We had been introduced on a blind date and didn't figure out each others' age until this picture!

This was our first date. 8th grade formal the most nervous night of my life. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I met my soulmate through a mutual group on Facebook..and found out we have so much more in common!! This is the first picture we took together. We were just laying on our backs in bed and laughing at each other's jokes! Which is the exact type of group we met on!

Our first date at a Mexican restaurant!!!! Couldn’t be more awkward. Now 4 kids later he is the love of my life.

We had not known each other a week and i asked him to come to my aunts house for thanksgiving. That was 1973 we have been together ever since!❤❤

This photo was taken on our very first date. I later found out that when she was sure she wanted another date she wanted to make sure to document our first. Now we are two years down the road and we are still taking selfies.

The first photo of Matthew and me! A rush of life events including a deployment for him and professional internships for me led us to the same city and each other. Amazing things happen when you least expect them!

Our first ever picture taken as a couple 6 years ago! 😱

My fiance and I have been together for six years he had his owntow truck company and became disabled before that he had proposed to me course I said yes after having the ring about 5 years and still not getting married I accidentally lost my ring and couldn't find it. I need this

First date and world!

Me and my husband we met 7 years ago and now we’re married 2 years with a 4 year old son named Benjamin!!! I love him with all my heart he’s the best thing that ever happened to me and I couldn’t live without him. This would be so amazing to win as I have a cheaper ring now

I am incredibly lucky to have found the love of my life. Mary makes me a better person and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

The love of my life! Started dating 46 years ago..

37 years ago I married this wonderful guy. Laughter is truly the path to a Happy marriage.

This picture of my husband and myself when we were first dating, we been together for 19 years now and we have four beautiful children.

A few months after meeting and hanging out, we took a walk in a park (that we later got engaged at) and discussed our feelings and our future. This is our very first photo together on that walk.

Enjoying a weekend getaway!

Pretty Girl when I was meeting her at the shelter. I adopted her last July. Unfortunately, she wasn't healthy and we has some rough times. She lost an eye to cancer, bounced back and we thought we were in the clear until yesterday when she died of kidney disease.

Never in a million years did I think I would find love again! But here we are!!”

love is real

My grandson- Love at first sight !!

Greatest Love and Light Our Wedding 11/26/1978

Deane and I at the beach. We fell in love and married when I was 21 and he was 25. We were college students and met at church, so we had our faith in common, plus we went to the same school. We were so lucky to find each other and create a life together.

married for 33 years

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Everyday is a new adventure with you!

When I found out this guy even shared my same bday, it was definitely love at first site!

#LoveAtFirstLight This is a throwback picture of the first picture Andrew and I took together. Cheesing so hard for our picture and loving our love story as it unfolds in bigger and grander ways each and everyday! My love for this man builds and grows upon each moment!

The very beginning picture of our magical journey of love ever since our paths crossed we've been inseparable and will continue to blossom into a dream come true that will be our life. We've accomplished more than we have ever thought would be possible such as our family home.

Here's a picture of my sweet husband, who's a diamond in the rough, with two of his fellow superheroes! He's able to leap our cat with one bound!

This is our first date and my first time to a baseball game! We are now celebrating our 4 year anniversary.

Love at first sight

Mom turns 93!

I just got divorced and wasn't looking for a guy. But this guy started talking to me one day while I was camping and we had so many things in common. We have been together 9 years already.

After 40 years we just love to be together, each day is a new and beautiful experience.

Our first son

Over 22 years of marriage and counting!

Me and my man doing what we love most, fishing. 😁😍

Me and the love of my life. We have been together for a total of 9 years but Married for 4 years. We have a beautiful daughter together. But when we got married we never had the money to buy wedding rings for each other.

This is 1987, when my husband and I were married for just a few months and he was meeting my brother--on the end. We were all hot, sweaty, and got along so great that my husband considered Bobby his own blood brother. Not an in-law. We all still get along great.

Slow kisses in the rain will never make you feel quite the same


Love Birds @ Potter Marsh Bird Sanctuary

Here with the love of my life, my son Stephen on a fantastic cruise he gifted with me! He has been a joy everyday of his life.

This was the first date with the love of my life. He was so nervous and cute. We have been together 3 years now and we married in September of last year. I cant imagine my life without him!

Our first Christmas. My honey is truly the best. We celebrated at Universal Studios. His is one of our many firsts. A cherished brief moment in time.

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of my love and our two sweet girls. Four years and two babies later, and our love continues to grow. It’s challenged everyday; but like a diamond, we are made best under pressure. Our love is tough and real and raw and authentic.

Drinks in Paradise!

This man made me realize, why it never worked out with anyone else. He is everything, I never thought I would find, in one person. I like me better, when I'm with him. He has my heart today, tomorrow and forever!

This is a pic of me and my now diseased husband. We were on a cruise. We hadn’t had a honeymoon when we were married so this was our honeymoon. Also our first cruise. Today is a year si cruise he died. This photo means so much to me!!

My partner in everything.

This is our engagement pic

I was given one of the best gifts I could ever imagine. I have know this beautiful, smart and sometimes stubborn woman since high school and have seen her grow. From graduating college to pursuing her amazing career. She’s the only one I will be spending the rest of my life with!

We had to dig for this picture and hardly recognize ourselves from yesteryear! We smile, lovingly, at one another now when kids today speak of AMORÉ, 😊. Ahh, if they only knew what that word truely means....may their journey of discovery be as blessed as ours.

My little guy, who keeps me so busy and so proud.

This is my girlfriend and I snuggled up on the couch. We had spent the night in the ER after she got really sick. I drove 9 hours to get to her and then drove about 10 hours home. Even snuggling up on the tiny ER “bed” was worth every second of the drive. She is worth everything.

After 46 years, the love is still strong. Enjoying each other.

40 years ago ~

When there is a gorgeous view and all you can look at is each other 💗


Me and my husband❤️We were both married before , but after divorces we ended up together.We get along so good and he the best.He does anything for our family.He is a great dad to all three of my kids. He is my “ keeper”

Puppy snuggles

Me and my beautiful granddaughter

We try to take a cruise or some kind of trip to celebrate our anniversary. This was 4 years!

The first photo my now fiancé and I ever took. We met online and finally met after 2 months while he was still in the army. He asked me to be his girlfriend before I left and we’ve been together almost 3 years now.

Our first photo ever: our first show back in 2016. It took him two and a half years of touring and being my Guitarist before he got the guts to ask me out :)

This was one of our first dates, almost 2 years ago. I know if we could afford a ring right now he would propose. I would marry him without a ring but his pride wont stand for it. Winning this contest would be so awesome.

Me and my baby 2012

One of my favorite pictures of my hubby and I, married 37 years this September. We knew from the day we met at our K mart jobs , under the blue light, that we should be together ❤️❤️ I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else!

First time my boyfriend and I got to hold our baby.

Long distance soulmates is what we are. We've been dating for almost 2 years, in a long distance relationship that spans hundreds of miles and sketchy Internet connection. Our secret in our relationship and for our future, keep God first and you'll never be last!

Our first picture 2014 , We started dating after 22 years of knowing eachother. We found out we had failed marriages & relationships. We went on a date & have been together ever since. That first date sparked a fire. We say our grandparents sent us together. My heart & soul 4ever

Celebrating 30 years of marriage would love new jewelry for the next 30 .

Toasting ourselves! We’ll be married 30 years in September. I posted this pic on my Facebook and shortly after my youngest daughter sent me a message “Hope I can marry someone and be as happy as you guys are” That sums up this picture better than I could 💖❤️

Our first picture with our daughter coming home from the hospital. Jared has three kids and I have three kids making Mariah lucky number 7. I am so blessed to have him in my life and I can't wait to marry him with our little wedding party of our 7 children.

This is one of my favorite pictures taken of Steve and I in 2015 when we celebrated our 45 wedding anniversary. This year we celebrate our 49th!

He makes me feel like the woman I was always meant to be.

First time that I held my boys in my arms, instead of inside of me. They were wonderful additions to our family (#5 and #6 of 7 kids), and our adventures continue! This picture captures the relief and love that built during the pregnancy and the brief stay of one in the NICU.

Literally the first night we met. 4 years in love #loveatfirstlightsweepstakes

The first photo taken of me and my husband at one of those little photo booths in the mall after our date seeing the Lion King. This would look real nice on our 25th anniversary photobooth picture after going and seeing the new Lion King movie

In love

Mason is my best friend. We have been together for almost 6 years! Here we are getting dressed up to go to our friend's wedding. Hopefully it will be our turn soon!

Our first photo together, My now Husband, invited me to a concert with him that supports cystic fibrosis for one of his family friends that pass away. It was a great memorable night, and for a very good cause. It had shown me how caring, generous and fun loving this man is.

#LoveAtFirstLight My boyfriend Michael & I have been dating for 16 years, finally getting married next May, & this ring would be SUCH A SPECIAL BLESSING to us!! We can't afford much, and would be SO GRATEFUL to win and have be a party of our special day!

Finally found my first true love!!!

Just engaged❤️

This photo is one he took himself for our Christmas cards last year. This photo sums up the pure joy and happiness he brings me, and how it can overcome anything (like the stress, chaos, and anxiety from right before this photo was taken.) He is my saving grace, and I am his.

We had only been dating for a short time and though he was the opposite of my norm, he turned out to be exactly what I needed. Picture was taken near Tucson, whilst enjoying Indian fry bread at the San Xavier mission.

My husband and me, we just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.

Elementary teachers in the making. Now we are both 11 years into our careers and marriage.

This was our first family photo, My husband the photographer captured this moment through his grandfathers old film camera. Every time I see this I feel that there’s generations of love in this photo. It was the very first time I saw the brightest future, our daughter.

Friendship for years before finally dating in 2012. Married on October 15th, 2016.